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Fix: No games showing up

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Hey folks,

some people have reported that they don't see any, only a few games or can't join games. The most likely problem is located in the way you start your mod. As of we switched the way Blitzkrieg is started. Now we use our own executable file which then starts Company of Heroes with the proper parameter. We also removed the -dev parameter because it gave some problems in the past and isn't best practice for a release version. Most people will have moved the Shortcut created by our install program to an alternative location, or are starting the game through Steam. Either way problems may occur.
Follow the following steps, if you experience problems (and even if not, you should check it, just to be sure).
  • Steam Users
    Note: If you just changed the launch parameters of your "Company of Heroes" game, you have to remove the launch parameters and then proceed directly with Step 3
    • Open your steam library and find your shortcut to Blitzkrieg.
    • Remove the shortcut from your Steam list.
    • Click on "Games" -> "Add a Non-Steam Game to Library".
    • In the following Window tick the box left of "Blitzkrieg Mod"
    • Click on "Add Selected Programs". Blitzkrieg should now appear in your game list with an appropriate icon.
  • Normal Users (Windows Vista, 7, 8)
    • Find and delete the shortcut to Blitzkrieg.
    • Go to your "Company of Heroes" installation directory.
    • Find the Blitzkrieg-Mod.exe (or just Blitzkrieg-Mod, if you have the ending hidden).
    • Create a shortcut to this executable file (usually by right clicking on the file and selecting "Send To" -> "Desktop (create shortcut)").
  • Normal Users (Windows XP)
    • Find and delete the shortcut to Blitzkrieg.
    • Go to your "Company of Heroes" installation directory.
    • Download the updated version of the executable from here.
    • Unzip the file and place it in your "Company of Heroes" main directory overwriting the old executable.
    • Create a shortcut to the executable file (usually by right clicking on the file and selecting "Send To" -> "Desktop (create shortcut)").
Note for developers: As we are no longer using the -dev command parameter some things you might be used to are not working any more. Most prominently maps in the SGB format, or custom skins not located in a SGA file. If you want to use your own maps again you have to pack them into SGA archives (mind the folder structure. If you are unsure, open the maps in our map pack and look at their folder structure). The packed maps go into .\Documents\My Games\Company of Heroes\ww2\scenarios. You now should be able to see the maps ingame.
If you want to use your own skins, you have to unpack the BKDataArtHigh.sga file located in .\Company of Heroes\Blitzkrieg\Archives. Then install the skins as normal and repack the Data folder again (watch out for paths!) and replace the BKDataArtHigh.sga. You now have your own skins.
You also can just add the -dev parameter to the Blitzkrieg-Mod.exe, and resume activity as before This will break your online capability however!
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